Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Habanero Fantasy Football League

Alright..!!! ELI IS PUMPED.....

The Official Maggotx Habanero League is off and running for like the 5th striaght year.  This gives our family and friends the opportunity to threaten, fight compete and attempt to obliterate each other in a Football Themed nice- friendly-kinda- way.  Anyway, the Maggotx Blog wishes that you all have the opportunity to mix it up in a similar way.  Now that Fall is here it's time for Football...!!!!!

Enough of Politics......Damn,,,, I wish they had Fantasy Disc Golf,,,,,,

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errrr ahhhh Maaaaahhhhk said...

Good luck to all Habaneros!!!! The CapequesaCodillas will have a great time pushing the envelope of stupidity once again this year!!