Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Cape Cod Dream House "The Redneck Condo"

One Way to get away from all those "stuffed shirt" Bostonians who visit the Cape.........Build your own Getaway

Extra cost for the Penthouse Suite

A Nice House Boat for the Cape

A sweeeet, Wine/Root Cellar



errrr ahhhh Maaaaahhhhk said...

Yeah, y'all!! Too bad I can't even afford the abandoned RVs and trailers...but if I would no longer be Camp Falmouth... it would be called the Falmouth HIGH-ATT!! Looks like fun up yonder in them thar trees! To get the houseboat might prove easier. All I gots to do is dock a float near a parking lot with a sea wall, encourage (with plenty of alkeehall) the owner a 40' RV to back it up nice and close to the edge of the wall, and tell him to stop just over that concrete edge! Glorious! And the wine cellar would be a great location for a disc golf basket! An island of tranquility for the golfer who can ace it!

Miggy G. said...

I'm actually quite impressed with the Redneck ingenuity here. I'm looking at that first picture and trying to figure out how you get a trailer hundreds of feet in the air. I think the best place for a disc golf basket would be on top of those.

homes for sale philippines said...

Really love the house boat. Very impressive.

Deirdre G