Saturday, December 27, 2008

This Guy PacMan Jones reaches new Lows when wanting to play again in the NFL

Pacman Jones: 'Who Do I Have To Kill To Get Reinstated Into The NFL?'

DALLAS—Noting that it has been over a year since his supposed one-year suspension from the NFL for his involvement in off-the-field criminal incidents, cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones wondered aloud Monday as to whom he had to kill to begin playing football again. "Man, what does [NFL commissioner Robert] Goodell want me to do, straight up gank someone? Choke someone out? Knife a guy? Put a bullet through some dude's earhole? Because I'm willing to do whatever it takes," Jones said to reporters present to watch him move into his new Dallas home. "Just say a name and the man is dead before you put the phone down, I want to play so bad." Goodell said he would be glad to meet with Jones before camp begins in order to discuss his future and stressed that Jones should please not kill him. 


Vince said...

If this guy ever plays again in the NFL then someone DESERVES to be shot( Mr. Comissioner)
Where's the beach pictures????
Off to NJ this morning.

errrr ahhhh Maaaaahhhhk said...

Maybe there could be a new expansion team staffed by all of criminals once involved with the NFLlll And perhaps the owner or head coach position could be staffed by Bernard Madoff!!!!! How exciting this would be for the other teams...players would wonder "will we make it out alive" as well as "will we win". Unsportsman-like conduct would become a VERY serious penalty!