Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bat For Lashes

My Buddy Pete C. has just initiated his own Blog which I have linked on the Favorites Links on this site. Anyway he posted a Video of Bat For Lashes; a band which is definitely unique, interesting and very easy on the eyes.

Below is a Live Vid from a BFL Concert in Glastonbury. Natasha Khan's and the other ladies costumes, instruments and music are very hypnotic. I will be looking to purchase their CD and I will make an attempt to see them in concert when they complete their next Album.

Check out their other videos at YouTube and at Pete's Blog:

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pc said...

mag - thanx for the comment and shout-out. I am going to try to post some more vids of my so-called eclectical music taste, which, next to food and the Pirates, is one of my favorite passions. pc