Friday, October 02, 2009

Holy CornHole Batman....first the the ButtHole Bomber..!!!!...That had to Hurt...

Saudi Arabia - Experts Fear New Al Qaeda Technique Storing Bomb Materials In Rectum That Goes Undetected

(Hang Through the Short Commercial)

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Forget Bomb Sniffing Dogs.......I say let's employ THE BUTT-SNIFFING DOGS......Here is the Leading Candidate to Locate the Hidden IED ButtBomb....!!!!!


WA!! said...

Man I want a dog like that.
I wonder if I lay down in the back yard in my speedos if I will get goosed? The poor dog will never do that again.

Butt seriously it must have been fun training the dog. I can imagine the guy putting dog treats up his girlfriend's butt. Okay boy go fetch good boy Fido.

Or maybe most of the training with the dog happened while he was at work.

Here Fido here Fido. Nothing butt the best for my pooch.

Ass far as having the dog sniff the bomb out of the ButtHole Bombers butt, I think we all agree the dog is much too cool to have to sniff that dirty butt and die a horrible death.

That's why they put it in their dirty stinky butts. They know people would rather be blown up then to try to dig the bomb out of his butt.

I guess the only superhero that can stop the wrath of the butt bomber is Fartman.

Howard better get the costume out. We have a job for Fartman!!!

WA!! Who is Fartman??? said...

For those of you who don't know or remember Fartman!! Let me reintroduce our national hero.

WA!! said...

Let me clear something up. I am not WA!! Fartman, just Wa!! Butt I couldn't figure out any better way to embed the link.

mag said...

WOH WA.....did someone unintentionally "let the cat out of the bag"...?...I wasn't sure if Fartman was Howard Stern or you...(similarities)..But the TRUTH hs finally come out....WAH, WHO IS FARTMAN...indeed....

WA!! said...

Ya it;s true butt please don't tell anyone. I don;t want it to over shadow my ranting about the butt sniffing dog. The mile long comment took some thought.

Miggy G. said...

My Uncle is Fartman?!?!?! I knew it! It explains so much. Like why you like eating beans so much, and why you're always playing loud music, and why you like being outside. It's all a cover up.

Could you imagine the wrath Fartman could cause if he had explosives up there? If he could knock down a stage with just air, he could probably mortar the bomb a hundred yards.

Also, I feel like that dog would stay far away from Fartman after the first time he got blasted.

errrr ahhhh Maaaaahhhhk said...

Maybe this innovative approach to suicide bombing has been designed to rid the Islamic world of gay and bisexual men...take one in the ass for Allah!!!! And I wonder HOW IN THE WORLD this crackpot could've kept that package up inside him for 30 hours or more!!!??? I guess he had to keep telling himself "cheeks stay together, man". I'm gonna take a leaf from that dog's book...looks like fun! Maybe RRRascal could be taught to terrorize (or perhaps thrill) beachgoers on Cape Cod!!