Tuesday, July 10, 2007

REAL Picture from The Trentonian.....do you think someone dislikes this Idiot....?????

Internal affairs probes photo of sleeping police captain

TRENTON — Thanks to a camera and the Web, the Trenton Police Department is investigating allegations that Capt. Paul Messina was caught sleeping on the job, police said.

Messina was similarly captured on film back in 2003 allegedly nodding off on the job, but the police department passed it off as a case of Messina being ill.

The Web site says that after the videos were posted on YouTube in early 2004, Messina was disciplined with a counseling form.

The latest images show the captain with the back of his chair reclined against his desk. Messina is turned away from the desk with his eyes clearly closed.

The Web site explains that behind Messina is an AVL computer, which tracks the location of the police force. Also behind the captain is a CPLIMS computer used to monitor all the current and pending assignments.

That computer is black. CaptSleepy.com alleges that it’s in “sleep” mode, in which the screen goes to black due to lack of usage.

The site says the images were taken from a June 24 shift, during which, the site alleges, Messina was working a voluntary overtime assignment — at over $70 an hour.


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Miggy G. said...

That's so sad! It's always been a nightmare of mine to show up on the Trentonian front page. You never see headlines like, "Boy Saves Drowning Woman", or "Businessman Donates to Charity". It's always something, for lack of a better word, mean.