Wednesday, July 18, 2007

This might be a lot of Bull....But it's a True Story.....

Judge spares bull that's on Moo Tube

LONDON (AP) — A judge on Monday granted a reprieve to Shambo, a sacred bull at a Hindu monastery who had been threatened with slaughter because he is suspected of carrying bovine tuberculosis.

Shambo's plight raised intense arguments about whether public health concerns superseded religious rights. His caretakers at the Skanda Vale monastery in southwestern Wales launched a campaign to save him that included an Internet petition, a blog purportedly giving Shambo's "daily thoughts" and a Webcast called "Moo Tube" that tracked the bull's movements around its hay-filled shrine.

The Hindu Forum of Britain, one of the many groups lobbying to save Shambo, expressed relief at the decision, although the group's spokesman, Sanjay Mistry, acknowledged that Shambo might still be killed.

"I think the judgment is quite strongly in the favor of the temple, and based on that, I think we can be quite confident that at least at this stage that Shambo is safe," he said.

The Welsh government said it would appeal the judgment.

Hindus have long held cows in particularly high regard, and many are adopted by or donated to temples. Shambo is one of a herd of cattle kept on the monastery's 115-acre spread near Carmarthen, in southwestern Wales.

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